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Car Shipping

It is not always an easy task to find reliable, trustworthy and safe international moving companies that can adequately take care of your car shipping needs. When you want reliable vehicle relocation services, it is imperative to use a company with a proven track record, and one which you can trust that in their hands, your car will reach the final destination safely.

ShipNest Dubai, have taken the trouble to list the best car shipping companies serving individual as well as corporate clients in the United States, Europe, Australia and other parts of the globe. We are privileged to have an expansive network of international auto shipping companies that can handle any kind of car relocation to and from Dubai.

Streamlined operations to ensure top notch services

Our partners promise to give each of our car shipping clients the best experience when moving your car from one destination to another. Through industry experience gained over many years and customer feedback, we have streamlined our processes to ensure that we deliver quality services that will result in the highest customer satisfaction. With the professional workforce we have, and the industry experience together with cutting edge concepts, we guarantee nothing but safe and reliable car shipping services each and every time.

Guidance at every step of the process

For many people, especially those involved in vehicle relocation for the very first time, the process is always a tedious and a very complicated one. However, you don’t have to worry about the complications or the intricacies involved in international car shipping when dealing with the experts.

When you work with us, you will be entitled to expert guidance on all aspects of the shipping process, including taxation, customs clearance, insurance, packing and much more. All these are available to our clients for free and we walk you through each step of the shipping process.

Cost effective car shipping options

We provide various cost effective car shipping options and these are available depending on the specific needs and preferences of our clients. The following are the various options we have for those in need of our vehicle relocation services

Car Shipping in Containers

Car shipping in containers is the most preferred method for clients seeking to ship classic or high value vehicles. The car can be shipped either in a dedicated container or a consolidated container. With the former, the car is shipped in one container with no other items in the container, but you have the choice to include your other personal items for the shipment.

With a consolidated container on the other hand, the car is securely put into the container with one or two more cars. With regard to container car shipping, consolidated containers are relatively cheaper compared to the dedicated containers.

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Car shipping in RoRo Carriers

RoRo carrier is the most cost effective way to ship normal or ordinary cars. RoRo ships have been designed to carry buses, cars, motorbikes, tanks, trucks and every other thing on wheels. The vehicles are secured onto the ship so that they have minimal movement during the voyage and they must be in full working condition, with minimal fuel to allow them to be driven on and off the ship at loading and unloading respectively.

Unlike with the container car shipping, you may not load the car with any other item because the keys of the car will be in the hands of the ship operators and they will not be responsible for the loss of items inside the car, other than those items which are standard to the car such as the spare wheel.

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Car Shipping in Air Freight

When it comes to vehicle transport by air, we are the undisputed leaders in the region. We offer car shipping in air freight to several destinations across the globe and you can always trust us to help you save time and cost when your need your car relocated in the shortest possible time. Air freighting of cars is known to the be the fastest, safest and the most secure way to ship cars and can also be very cost effective, under circumstances, especially when dealing with high value cars.

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Car shipping in dedicated land trucks

We also offer vehicle transport on dedicated land trucks, but these are for clients who want to move their cars within the UAE or Dubai. Our options are cost effective and we deliver in multiple locations across the region.

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