food shipping and agricultural shipping in Dubai

Food and Agricultural Goods Shipping

Food and agricultural goods shipping requires the services of a well-established food shipping company with all the skills and equipment needed to deal with perishable cargo. We have selected and listed the best companies in the region, you can receive up to 6 quotations with just one click!

All you have to do is, select a company that suits you best, and begin shipping.

We are delighted to let you know that we have been in the food shipping industry for the last three decades, during which we have developed the skills and versatility to handle any kind of food or agricultural shipment.

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Why use our partners?

No delays in shipping

we understand the short lifespan of perishable agricultural goods and this is why we ensure strict shipping schedules at all times.

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Food shipping and agricultural shipping experts at work

Professional food handling

our staff dealing with agricultural goods shipping have received all the necessary training to handle foodstuff. You don’t have to worry about contamination or improper handling which might compromise food quality.

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Affordable rates

you choose the best rates in the market.

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Customer care services

we have a team of customer care executives ready to respond to your questions and concerns over the phone or through the email around the clock.

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Expert advice

It is important to have in mind that shipping food and agricultural goods to places such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE are highly regulated and thus it is imperative to know what you are allowed and what you are not allowed to ship. Fortunately for you, we have experts in the region’s food industry and you will get expert advice.

Proper packaging is essential

When considering using the services of food shipping companies, it is imperative to think carefully about how to do the packaging properly. For perishable goods transport, it is vital to have them packed in a way that they will withstand harsh weather conditions.

The Middle East is a hot region and it is a good idea to ensure that all the perishable agricultural goods you are shipping are stored at the right temperature. Most of the food shipping companies will specify to you the kind of packaging needed for agricultural goods or perishable goods before they are transported. In case you have any doubts, simply get in touch with us and we will offer guidance.

Shipping food and beverage products

Food and beverage products require special environments when being shipped. To begin with, it is important to ensure that the packaging of the beverage is compliant with the destination food safety guidelines. Shipping alcohol is highly regulated and may require special licenses.

Ultimately, success in food and agricultural goods shipping will be realized only when you choose the right food shipping company. It thus pays to take your time and consider all the available companies carefully so that when you make your choice, you will be certain of the nature of services you will receive.

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