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We are proud to offer you the best companies you will ever find for international boat shipping and yacht shipping in UAE. The partners listed in the ShipNest international search engine are exporters and importers of boats and yachts with over 20 years of international experience in the industry, and this makes us the most suitable marine transportation company to take care of your boat shipping needs.

Over the years, we have worked with thousands of individuals and corporate entities to move all types of boats and yachts across the globe, gaining insightful experience and knowledge on how to fully satisfy our clients with our services. We are very vigilant with our international boat shipping services and we take all the necessary precautions to ensure that the boat is delivered in one great piece just as it was handed over to us. We challenge you to try our international boat shipping services and experience the difference that comes in dealing with the right professionals.

Why work with us

We have selected partners that offer high quality services, coupled with attractive rates and superior customer care services. Working with us will entitle you to a whole host of benefits you will not otherwise find with the other companies. They include

Multiple routes for boat shipping

We serve most of the popular route for boat shipping across the globe, including the following

  • UAE to Australia, USA to South Africa
  • New Zealand to South African and Australia
  • Both Eastern and Western European routes
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international yacht shipping companies in Dubai, UAE

Cost, low risk and safety are our primary concerns

We are not just interested in offering you the most affordable rates, but also we are concerned about the safety and handling of your boat as well. You will be delighted to know that we observe high standards with zero tolerance for damages so as to guarantee you that your boat will be delivered in one piece without any slight damage.

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Roll on Roll off

Roll on Roll off is one of the most common shipping modes used by the majority of international boat shipping companies, including us. It is s the most economical and safest way to transport boats overseas. The method is mainly preferred for boats on trailers, where they will be simply rolled on and off the ship’s deck at loading and unloading times respectively. The only limitation with this method, however, is that it can’t accommodate boats that are more than fifteen feet high, but this may depend from one shipping line to another.

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Take a look at our international yacht shipping services.

Lift on Lift off

This is ideal if you have a larger boat that might not ship comfortably with RoRo ships. With this mode of boat and yacht shipping, a crane will be used at the port of origin and the destination port to load and unload the boat. While on the deck of the ship, the yacht is fastened using special straps to limit its motion during the voyage. Due to the additional handling, LOLO services are usually slightly more expensive, but they are ideal if you want the perfect solution for large, tall yachts and boats.

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Water to Water boat shipping

Water to water boat and yacht shipping is also ideal for large vessels. It uses submersible vessels which take the boats into the water at the port of origin and takes them out of water at the destination ports. The vessels drop their decks below the surface to allow the boat to be placed just above the deck. The vessel is the secured by divers to final position before the transportation begins.

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Flat rack or Trailer Loading

This method is necessary when transporting boats and yachts overland or domestically. We mainly use this method when we need to deliver boats from one town to another within the country.

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Superior cradle designs

Most of boat accidents and damages usually take place during the loading and unloading process and the bulk of them is attributed to poor cradle design and handling. With us however, we use steel to design superior cradles which will offer the safety and efficiency needed to load, unload and ship the boat safely.

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Help with paperwork

Just like cars and other machinery, boat shipping involves a lot of paperwork and if you have never done it before, it could be overwhelming to you. But you won’t have to worry about going through all the paperwork and facing officials when you ship your boat with us. With the experience and networks we have, we make clearing at the customs a breeze for you. All you have to do is sit back and relax while you await your shipment.

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Real time tracking services

We also take advantage of technology to give you real time tracking of your boat. We know you will be more comfortable if you knew the exact location of your boat during the shipment and we allow you this convenience by making it possible for you to track the progress of the shipment in real time.

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Strong relationships with leading marine transportation companies

We also enjoy very strong relationships with the world’s leading marine transportation companies and this gives us the convenience needed to move your ships and yachts more efficiently and effectively. Additionally, we have great relationship with major ports and agents across the world and these factors combined, contribute to your satisfaction as a client when you ship your yacht or boat with us.

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Robust boat and yacht shipping methods

With the resources and experience we have, we are able to offer robust shipping modes for your boats and yachts. The preferred mode used will primarily depend on your choice as a client and the suitability of us using the mode more efficiently. The following are the yacht shipping and boat shipping modes we have

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