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Heavy Equipment

If you are looking for information on how to ship heavy equipment or you are searching for a list of reputable heavy equipment shipping companies to assist you with shipping equipment overseas, then we are glad to let you know that you have landed on the right page.

ShipNest Dubai serves as a shipping search engine, that lists companies with impeccable track records when it comes to oversized shipping and you can trust our services to help you get into or out of UAE any kind of machinery.

With over 20 years of industry experience, our partners have the skills, expertise and knowledge required to give you the peace of mind needed when you have to haul heavy machinery across seas and oceans. All you have to do is to get in touch with us and we will be delighted to discuss with you the details of your shipment and ensure that they arrive at their intended destination without delay.

  • The best heavy equipment shipping companies at work

    Worldwide network of partners, agents and resources

    In order to deliver effectively and efficiently in shipping heavy equipments, we can never work alone, but in conjunction with others. As a result, we have a strong network of partners, agents and resources all around the globe and this gives us the ability to increase our capacity and serve you much better. Irrespective of the port of origin or destination port, our network will see to it that your heavy machinery is shipped within the agreed timelines and that every machine is delivered with all the components intact.

  • Advice on whether or not to dismantle

    Additionally, we have skilled and experienced staff who will give you all the necessary advice on the best mode or method to ship your heavy machinery. In some instances, the machinery may be too big and it may be necessary to dismantle it for effectiveness in the shipping. We will advice accordingly and even help you get the labour and the expertise needed to dismantle the machine at the port of origin and reassemble it at the port of destination. In this manner, we ensure that you are well informed and never worried about the intricacies of oversized shipping.

  • Affordable rates

    It is a fact that machinery hauling is not an easy task. But this should not be an excuse for companies shipping equipment overseas to charge exorbitant rates on the shipment. This is why we offer multiple quotations that allow you to compare rates. Instead of inflating the rates, our partners have maintained very competitive rates so that you don’t have think about breaking the bank or work with less reputable companies where you will not have a good experience.

    Besides, we don’t have one-fit-all solutions for all machinery hauling. The rates charged will depend upon your unique needs for moving the heavy machinery. Therefore, simply get in touch with us and we will send up to 6 quotes from different companies.

  • Wide range of oversized shipping services

    It goes without saying that we are veterans in the industry with the capability to offer a wide range of oversized shipping services. Just remember that if you need a company that is not scared of shipping heavy equipment overseas, then we are the right choice.

Services offered

Small and medium projects

  • Military equipment
  • Tanks, trucks, buses
  • Ship spares
  • IT equipment
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Construction equipment and much more

Versatile methods for oversized shipping

The following are some of the robust modes we use when shipping heavy equipment

Roll on Roll off services

we use the normal RoRo ship for most of the shipment involving heavy or oversized equipment. The equipment is well secured on the ship’s deck to avoid unwanted movement during the voyage.

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Out of gauge shipping

this is used for equipment that are typically wider than 8 inches and are considered “out of gauge”. The cost for shipping this kind of cargo is charged based on the space occupied by the equipment and is usually in terms of cubic meters or cubic feet covered.

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Break bulk cargo shipping

this is very heavy freight that cannot fit in containers. It is ideal for shipping heavy equipment such as those used in construction, mining, steel, and yacht industries.

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